Publishing Services

Rangitawa Publishing is a service provider publisher. For a  starting fee of $400.00 ( upto 80,000 words then plus $50 for each extra 5,000 words) any author can have work published as a trade paperback. This contract offers the opportunity to sell internationally on Amazon, be listed on the Nielsen book list, be featured on this website and buy the books wholesale for personal marketing. For an extra $50 we will convert your work to an e-book and place on Kindle. All manuscripts submitted for publishing must be in the form of a word document or on a flash drive please. Rangitawa Publishing reserves the right to reject submissions but will always inform the author why this has happened and what they can do to improve their work. Authors may apply to read our contract before submitting work.


Rangitawa Publishing Mentoring Services

RANGITAWA PUBLISHING wishes to encourage all new authors by offering a mentoring service. Manuscripts will be assessed and a report submitted to the author. Our readers have post-graduate qualifications and will aim to give positive comments to help you improve your writing. We accept adult fiction and non-fiction in all genres We are not accepting childrens books, YA or poetry. This is a free service but only one assessment will be done on each submission.

Editorial services 

Prices are negotiable depending on length of manuscript.

RANGITAWA PUBLISHING is not a literary agent and does not submit works to publishers on behalf of authors. 

RANGITAWA PUBLISHING offers self published authors the opportunity to have their book reviewed on the website or advertised for sale. Author to supply jpeg of cover. Costs for these services :-

  • Book review (approx.300 words) for one month on website. $50
  • Book advertisement for one month on website. $50

For further details and how to submit your work to us, email us