Have You Forgotten Yet? - A.N.Arthur

The third book in the Memento trilogy.


Kindred - Tony Chapelle

The fourth novel in the Gilbard-Ashcott series.


A fast moving story that spans events in New Zealand, the Phillipines and Hong Kong. A murder in a rural meat works ignites actions that have global impacts.

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The sequel to "Rena" by Laura Nicholas Greive. 

Follow Wikitoria's journey to be married to the brutal chief Aringi and her subsequent survival in the bush awaiting for rescue.

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Rena          Lorna Nicholas Grieve

The powerful story of herbal healer Rena and her granddaughter Wikitoria caught up in the Taranaki land wars.

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Bend with the Wind  Suraya Dewing MA

A novel of loyalty and love based around the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand and the pacifist movement at Parihaka a hundred years before.

Merely a Girl       Tony Chapelle

A historical novel dealing with the dilemma facing a headstrong young Victorian girl that takes place in England and New Zealand.

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The Youngest Son      Tony Chapelle

A companion book to Merely a Girl- historical fiction

A Distant Belonging     Tony Chapelle

A contemporary novel about two young children who grow up on New Zealand under very different curcumstances. Set in Fiji and New Zealand

 Orphanage Boys         A.N.Arthur   

When Jimmy and Sam are left at the Stoke Orphanage in nelson by their father they can little imagine the years of hardship and adventure ahead of them. Histsorical fiction based on fact. 

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Between Two Worlds     A.N.Arthur

The sequel to Orphanage Boys. Follw Jimmy and Sam into the first war and the effects on those left behind.

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Rooster McGurk - Unsung Colonial Hero   Murray Crawford

Historical fiction based on real life characters in the Taranaki Land Wars

Creating Infinity      Jill Darragh

A religious satire.

The Case of the Distant Relative         Jill Darragh

A murder mystery set against the Votes for Women campaign in New Zealand in 1893